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Some methods about Shanghai dragon black hat techniques

black hat Shanghai dragon is the meaning of cheating, black hat Shanghai dragon is mainly research and use the search engine algorithm vulnerability, the technique of

white hat will spend more time and energy, but also can not guarantee one hundred percent can make a successful web site. But compared with the white hat is more secure, if successful, can maintain the website ranking and traffic, has become a high quality assets.

black hat is the fast track, often quick, low cost of implementation. There are many Shanghai dragon ER was too quick, in order to pursue a ranking, or take a shortcut, Zoupian Jian Feng, of the cheating methods, the search engine is definitely hate black hat, because black hat reduces the relevance of search results and the user experience, the search engine’s job, belongs to the scope must be severely punished the. Once being punished, will go through a lengthy recovery process. So do the black hat be punished is normal, and even can be said that the long run is inevitable.




to violate the rules and make their own search engine website punished, some black Shanghai dragon take techniques of Yang Zi last year also share with you some, are interested in reading "which can search Shanghai dragon operation method will be search engine that is cheating?" more about black take Shanghai Dragon technology methods to know.

black hat Shanghai dragon cheating: keyword stuffing

keyword stuffing is a black hat Shanghai Longfeng method, English called Keyword Stuff>

does not conform to the mainstream search engine policy issue, the use of search engines to ban the way of optimizing the website, affect the search engine ranking on the site of the reasonable and justice. Black hat Shanghai dragon behavior is usually the general to the "search engine cheating", usually the black hat Shanghai dragon is the use of amplification and search engine now some defects or vulnerabilities and get more user traffic. Simply speaking, the black hat Shanghai Longfeng optimization is the use of cheating or suspicious means to get a lot of traffic in a short period of time. At the same time, at any time may face punishment because the search engine algorithm change.

today to share with you about the Shanghai dragon black take some of the basic technology, this * * Yang Zi not encourage people in website optimization of the Shanghai dragon black take techniques, and think through this share let everyone have a better understanding of the search engine algorithm, how to avoid a series of irregular in the days after the Shanghai dragon in Shanghai Longfeng techniques.

for Shanghai Dragon Technology black take various methods but in Yang Zi’s most conventional several will Yang Zi in Shanghai dragon combat met to share:


first before sharing what is black take Shanghai Dragon:

Technique characteristics of Several

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