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Once the training records website optimization

statement: This article.

Whether it is from the

is the same as before, in my article, not to any other links to many, especially before the optimization of the site, just a simple record. When I took this station strictly in ranking is good, but the subsequent maintenance and optimization of all I do. So far as six or seven months have not updated articles, but still ranked on the first page, usually in the first place before the first page.

actually I often search keywords of this station, has been found in the floating, sometimes disappeared, sometimes up, in fact, is rooted in the beginning, the quality and the quality of the chain website article on the station and the result is very simple. When I first started learning to write the website title and description, we carefully studied the website how to write. To the end can be found, I generally write description of the site are relatively long, generally speaking is the 200 word or 300 word, some suggestions in 200 words or less, but I feel more able to write good keywords layout, of course this is only my own idea.

Look at The

do not write more, in fact, optimization techniques not what good what to write, it is a record of those, the once optimized site, when the whole Shanghai dragon

, BR was 1, indicating that there are still flow, the chain number and external links of what, in fact I do website optimization, not very love to change Links. You don’t have PR, others do not give you change, and you are looking for new sites or sites at the same level? I feel too lazy to charge the mind. Zhibuding someday it was Links.

layout or chain construction and the construction of the chain, I feel this site do is can, after all, the library can still connect with, is now must be certified to link and enterprise information. In addition that this site is described and a lot of other people is the same, often do not update the article did not send the chain, but the ranking is still very good. We can see from the picture is now included in the 2, the chain is 41, but this one drawback is long-term not update, if has not been updated, then it will slowly decline, to the final ranking disappear, of course this is only possible, I an analysis of the promotion of Taiwan website snapshot in 2012, still ranked in the first.

station keyword index is not very high, but in 2011 when want to ranking on the first page, this keyword is difficult, don’t look now the website is not much, at that time or more intense competition. But overall, the difficulty is not great. Why when it comes to this website, I mainly from the site to take over, learned a lot of experience, said in 2012 June that the big update, the site also pull the wool, to the end of various efforts to restore.


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