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Just 5 steps to make the site quickly included

second, the structure of the site. If the structure of your site is not conducive to the spider crawling, then the search engine will not love you. The website structure is mainly divided into two types, one is the physical structure; the other is a link structure.

physical structure refers to the real Web site directory and file location. That we want to solve is how to reasonable to do this? There are two points, one is to form a logical tree structure, the relationship between this page and the page is clear. There is a flat, because most of us now will think the file in the root directory weight deep directory file more. It is convenient for the spiders to crawl.

fourth web links. Some sites outside chain, and the site of high quality and high weight is scanty, there are some links to some good websites, then this website links, we would rather not, even if we don’t, even to him that maybe the search engine K, the.

how to make our website fast included? This is probably our most concern Shanghai dragon er.


third, the anchor text. Most people know that the anchor text links in the search engine algorithm is not a light weight. So many webmaster keywords a lot of accumulation, with the same anchor text, creates a natural anchor text, then the search engines decide you are deliberately optimization. So we have to avoid these problems, do the anchor text to be natural, uniform distribution. So let the spider to crawl to crawl, better go to included.

so it is also called the link structure, logical structure, which is inside our website link to each other to form a network diagram. If the logical structure is not clear if we lost, then the search engine spiders to your site, do not come, finally took a tremendous effort finally climbed out, then you think he’ll go to

so, we engage in Shanghai Longfeng people should do more of the original new, high quality content, let the spider to crawl, for Internet users to provide such a platform for an easy and comfortable experience. This search engine can not only receive love love more Internet users. So naturally your conversion rate will be higher.

so what happened to our website can not fully included? What should we do to make our website are fully included? The Shanghai dragon small Mu put their daily accumulation experience tell you.

The so-called

first, originality. Originality is the result of one of the reasons, are not fully included in the website. Because of the Internet and our people are the same, do not repeat those new things without love. But a common problem on the Internet reflects is the copy, copy and paste the people. This search engine will be offensive, naturally not included in our article.

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