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Love Shanghai alliance experience

2. closing date: December 23, 2014 < >

The following is my !

1. ban business type: the promotion of cooperation of "

1: the filing is told the Shanghai alliance staff abnormal data, prevent the blocked.

4: for the first time released after being refused, don’t be sad, to try several times, as long as the heart, perseverance will prevail. The appropriate time can apply for the record in Shanghai love alliance Post Bar find it query, this is very important for

2: after the case was closed, with a record can be used as an important basis.


What role:


application submitted to the working group of the Shanghai love Alliance:

2: in the application of expanding must indicate the blocked reasons, that is why I found it, as long as you can find a reason to be blocked, and according to the sealed adjustment platform, releasing the probability will be greatly improved.



5: when love prompts you to submit the Shanghai union "sky 365 agreement", must be timely received by mail in the past, love Shanghai after a few days, your love will be successful Shanghai alliance solution.

my site was closed by malicious brush flow, continuous brush for two days, third days after I found that, although in the record, but was mercilessly sealed. Found in the abnormal traffic statistics should be timely check key data, check the alliance love Shanghai love Shanghai alliance effect if the click rate, click rate suddenly too high, the abnormal data, should immediately record.

1: carefully adhere to the closure of the cause, according to the platform adjustment of Shanghai alliance put love.

6: application in the message sending unsealing office love Shanghai alliance back to document the way for releasing the book sent, can do an unsealing answer, answer according to the test, improve the success rate will be greatly.

love Shanghai alliance is every webmaster preferred money alliance, Shanghai love alliance to click on price, payment stability, advertising style more popular small webmaster favorite. Love is the only drawback of Shanghai alliance "easily banned", was closed after unsealing difficult, after many webmaster blocked, no hope of success basically. In fact, there is a little chance to love the Shanghai Union. After success, such as I love Shanghai alliance was sealed five months successfully lifted. From a letter to release has experienced a total of five months, so, you blocked webmaster, don’t worry.


3: flow to do dependably, don’t brush flow, why I love Shanghai alliance was sealed is the brush flow, so do the webmaster should pay attention not to offend the "villain", to prevent the villain attacks your station, Shanghai alliance was sealed lead to love.

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