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The transformation of e commerce sites rate analysis and application a

so, for the novice webmaster, what is the conversion rate of

Conversion of ?The conversion rate of

"transformation" refers to the visitors in each set into the access path of the. Site managers can use this report to understand which page conversion in the path loss rate of visitors, so as to improve the conversion path page to improve site conversion rate, as shown below.

, a love rate in Shanghai statistical analysis and application of

page access

Hello, I am the future. To us this kind of profit for the purpose of website construction, whether it is engaged in electronic commerce or advertising revenue, how much income is fundamental, but the conversion rate is a comprehensive analysis of profitability index website. If the page, keywords ranking, traffic monitoring and other methods are evaluated for the website construction of the external effect, the conversion rate is the direct effect of the evaluation analysis.

typical analysis should include the following 3 steps:

in the small site, the main profit way is divided into two types: one is the electronic commerce website, mainly engaged in network marketing related activities; the other is to rely on advertising and other advertising related ways to generate revenue website, it is mainly to generate revenue through advertising, advertising click Show etc.. Today we look at the transformation of e-commerce websites how to rate analysis, then again how to promote its conversion rate.

love is love Shanghai by Shanghai statistics statistics system to carry out the transformation, so to clear the visitor rate >

1, visitors enter the site

2, a series of

is to visit a site visitors, transforming all visitors the proportion of visitors. It is actually a ratio, namely: number / access conversion behavior of the total number of visits. The network marketing site, the conversion rate is high, the marketing effect is better; on the other hand, the marketing effect is worse.

love Shanghai statistics system, we need the following steps:


how to improve the site conversion rate is actually how to make your site more easily visitors use, make it easier to buy a potential customer intent to complete the purchase process, and strive for more orders in the case do not let visitors dislike. This is the conversion rate on the website guidance.

deployment of loveThe transformation of


1, on any page on the website of the Shanghai statistical code

to reach the target pageWith the help of

in Shanghai statistics, provide related conversion: conversion path ", by using this function, the website managers can clearly know the transformation process on the website of the user, get clear conversion rate analysis report.

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