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Keywords to make reasonable positioning website fast and success

Four, the search engine index

we can all website home page search by keywords, see their weight, how how, the number of the chain and included the establishment of the time, and to look at the website domain name is the domain name or the two level domain name, if we find the first page of the website quality is poor, the weight is empty, then we want to enter the home page of the risk is greater, and also to study these sites make up their own strengths, weaknesses, so that we can beat the competition website.

let’s discuss the specific how to better keywords positioning and selection.


in the optimization process now in.

, according to the words included judge competition.

The objective of the

with the development of the Internet, the popularity of the site, believe that many webmaster feel website has become more and more difficult, and more and more people, so when the website keyword selection is like we choose one thing to sell goods, certainly the intensity of competition is big is small, so for the competition sure we optimize the word, difficulty is relatively large. For example, small search "SMS blessing" of the word, the love of Shanghai is made up of 30 million 200 thousand, indicating the intensity of competition is very big, usually such a word optimization, probably in about 3 months can get good rankings. But the key words are different in the different industry competition and optimization over time, the more popular industry of competitive strength, so we choose, we should as far as possible to choose a target of a two core keywords and long tail keywords, the effect is the best, for example, SMS blessing is the core of the key words so, we can extend a birthday wishes, SMS and other classic long tail keywords.

net can search a keyword through the search engine, and look at the key words included in the page to determine how much the keywords included more difficulty size, usually means greater competition, for we have a greater difficulty for optimization. General included page below 5 million is a relatively common vocabulary, yet more than 5 million words is medium difficulty, while more than 10 million words is more difficult.

we all know in the search some key words, below the search engine will have some promotional links, these links is said that these words the higher commercial value, then the difficulty will be greater, generally two or three words is the general competition, more than three will be more difficult to do. In addition there is a search engine open platform, these are usually submitted data in search engine rankings, it is very difficult to go beyond, usually open platform data website this ranking will be in the top three.


three, according to the degree of competition website home page keywords.

two, and the number of open platform for advertising.

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