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Reporters learned from the Qinghai Provincial Meteorological Observatory, at 15:47 yesterday, the Xining Municipal Meteorological Observatory issued a lightning orange warning signal, now two, this afternoon showers will continue. Lightning orange warning signal is for the next 1 hours by the impact of lightning and may continue to issue a warning signal of meteorological disasters. Since the summer of this year, Qinghai rainfall, strong precipitation, lightning disaster situation more, meteorological disaster warning, the relevant departments issued a Red Rainstorm warning signal, Xining had a two hour 108 lightning records. Meteorological experts, the rain is expected to be the next two days will be less than yesterday, but the public should also do a good job in the preparation of lightning protection, outdoor workers should do a good job of security measures. (author: Wang Yalin,)   read more


In order to earnestly implement the spirit of the city’s fine management work conference, in April 5th, the City Board of Education held a mobilization meeting of the city’s education system fine management, arrangements for the deployment of the city’s fine management of the education system

for the city to seriously implement the fine management work conference, April 5th, Municipal Education Bureau held the city’s education system of fine management work mobilization meeting, arrangements for the fine management of the city’s education system. The meeting issued the "fine management plan" the city’s education system, the education system to improve the work style, improve the management system, clear educational ideas, improve moral standards, strengthen team construction, reasonable layout of the campus work target. At the same time, it puts forward the work requirements from the aspects of perfecting the system construction, standardizing the daily management, paying attention to the humanistic care, and strengthening the characteristic development. read more


In September 6th, a reporter from the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment traffic management information conference was informed that, in order to effectively improve the use rate of the pedestrian overpass, further realize the vehicle and pedestrian traffic vehicles are isolated from each other, regulate traffic order, the effective organization of the safety of pedestrians crossing the street, recently, part of the city built pedestrian pedestrian overpass intersection road the surrounding area will gradually open closed, including closed road or sidewalk guardrail guardrail center opening, and remove the crossing and removal of pedestrian signal.

at present, the city has built some overpass road because there is no road central isolation barrier, directly across the road and pedestrian overpass traffic phenomenon not very prominent, many overpasses use rate is low, the behavior of pedestrians crossing the road leading to frequent traffic accidents. Therefore, in order to regulate the way pedestrian traffic, the city will be built in the vicinity of the pedestrian overpass section of the pedestrian crossing.

around the pedestrian opening gradually closed read more


to create the best investment environment, attracting foreign capital, building blocks for the economy of Xining, last year, the city’s leading group consisting of foreign investment. As of now, I exceeded the investment objectives and tasks, attracted 15 lithium green industry investment projects, complete province capital in place of 14 billion 160 million yuan.

since last year, led the city’s leading investment group in Beijing, Shandong, Henan, Chongqing, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Guangdong and other places on the development of city construction, environmental protection, trade, logistics and other areas of key investment projects carried out investment docking, and AVIC lithium, off-road vehicles, Beiqi Chinese (Xining) International Halal Industrial Park, Marriott, Longshan scenic spot development and construction of 61 key projects carried out detailed docking, and invited the relevant enterprises to better investigate and negotiate. The BAIC Qinghai base project, the construction of Bluetooth module production line project in Suzhou, Czech Republic, an annual output of 2 billion square meters of power and energy storage lithium ion battery separator projects 15 projects have been signed an investment agreement of intent; far into the home trade and logistics projects, Shenzhen Beek Battery Company Limited, Alibaba · project; e-commerce cooperation project Xining industry 30 projects in further docking negotiations. read more


this year, the city will further deepen the reform of the west, in the last year to clean up the cancellation of administrative examination and approval on the basis of 15, this year intends to cancel the 4, modify the administrative examination and approval of the 1 items.

this year, in addition to cancel, modify the administrative examination and approval, the west district will be in the district administrative services hall set up 6 integrated service window, the implementation of the Department of the joint trial. And the installation of electronic monitoring and electronic evaluation system in the service window, effectively promote the service window quality and efficiency. At the same time, will promote the community burden project, trying to implement the social forces to undertake pension service model. read more


Qinghai news network in order to expand the sewage treatment investment and financing channels, improve the processing ability of Xining sewage in May 13th, the Xining municipal water authority and Xining Pengyao environmental protection sewage treatment Limited signed the first sewage treatment plant of Xining City franchise agreement.

according to the concession agreement: the Xining municipal water authority will transfer, business transfer, the transfer of the existing scale of the design for the daily processing capacity of 85 thousand tons of the first sewage treatment plant project, Xining Pengyao environmental protection sewage treatment Co. Ltd. as an investor, paid transferred assets is a project of the first sewage treatment plant, and technology transformation of the project in accordance with the requirements of environmental protection departments, undertake the transformation costs, so as to reach the effluent standard requirements. At the same time, Xining Pengyao environmental protection sewage treatment limited to construction, operation and transfer of the way, the construction scale of daily processing capacity of 50 thousand tons of the first sewage treatment plant project phase two. Investors in the 30 year franchise period of the first and the second phase of the project assets, the expiration of the concession period, the assets transferred to the municipal government designated free of charge. read more


10 15, 2009, Xining city traffic police detachment accident handling squadron squadron north of the city police only used more than five hours cracked a major traffic accident escape case. Ma Pingfu suspects arrested.

day 17:10, police on duty received "110" instructions, Ning Lei Village stone road at the traffic accident, please the police. After the alarm, the police rushed to the scene, after arriving at the scene, found the car accident has to escape, a woman lying in the middle of the road, the head has a lot of blood, dying, side ramp down a battered bicycle, in addition, the scene without any valuable clues. Police rescue the injured side, to the brigade, the detachment of the leadership report. read more


Federation of industry and Commerce and the West District of Xining City, the West Branch of

Bank of Qinghai held on May 30th "support Small and micro businesses to develop business promotion, association of industry and commerce, bank and Guarantee Corporation three party credit basically reached a strategic cooperation agreement.

as of now, Xining City West District of individual industrial and commercial households to 9520 households, the development of private enterprises to the family, the proportion of the third industries and non-public economy accounted for the proportion of the region were 90% and 55%. In view of the long-term financing constraints of non-public economic development bottleneck, the West District Federation of industry and Commerce and the Bank of Qinghai West District branch jointly organized business promotion, the establishment of long-term service organization coordination mechanism of non-public economy and the bank, through the promotion will drive more enterprises and banks actively cooperate to achieve common development. (author: Su Jianping) read more


May 8th, reporters from the Xining municipal cultural relics protection work conference learned, recently, Dongguan mosque, Huangyuan Town God’s Temple tiger Taiwan sites, 3 cultural relics protection units to declare the success of the seventh batch of national key cultural relics protection units. Prior to the Kumbum Monastery, Shen Na site 2 national heritage conservation units, the city has a total of 5 state-level cultural relics protection units. So far, the city a total of 1301 immovable cultural relics, including the national level of 5, the provincial level of 84. read more


October 15th, the Qinghai floating population service management approach, the official implementation

10 15, the "Qinghai floating population service management approach" formally implemented. The Municipal Population and family planning, family planning guidance center in sunning Plaza, Central Plaza in the establishment of an advisory led by the provincial and municipal comprehensive management departments, public security, industry and commerce, human resources and social security and other units involved in the campaign. read more

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